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"From day one, Cypress Networks technical staff was eager to listen to our needs and show the product that was right for our business. They found the best product that fit the need. Any questions we had, they promptly called us back to answer. Even after the sale, customer service continued to be superior."

john thomas, president, ideacom inc
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"In all my years of working with vendors and contractors, I can honestly say that Cypress Networks has provided some of the best service I have seen. Sometimes when we call a vendor, we never know when they will show up, or if at all. Your company is completely different…always prompt and professional and providing reliable work."

keith luther, atc-vancom
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"Cypress Networks came in and assessed our needs, let us know what the remedies were, and with minimal interruption got us where we wanted to be. Now I feel confident that we have a system that we can depend on and that will grow with us. Thank you for taking all of the computer stress out of my life!"

loren shelton, morlando-holden construction, inc.
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